5 Fitness myths that aren’t true!

Posted by Serena Treeby on

  1. Strength training makes you bulky?

Its just simply impossible for a woman to bulk up from a normal strength training routine. As woman we don’t have the amount of testosterone as men to build that kind of muscle. Instead weight training for woman can be a great way to lose unwanted fat and help to lean up. Weight training requires more energy so the more lean muscle you have the more calories you’ll burn.

      2.  Doing cardio is the best way to lose weight?

Cardio can be a great way to lose those unwanted kilos, but doing cardio day in day out isn’t always the best approach. It’s good to help with calorie deficit which is essential for weight loss. But long term weight training along with with a small amount of cardio will help you lose fat and build muscle, which will also help burn more calories while resting.

       3.   Yoga isn’t a workout?

There are lots of types of yoga and a lot of people have maybe only ever tried a yoga class full of a series of gentle stretches. Yoga is a great addition to add to your workout routine. There are some more strenuous yoga classes you can try like hot yoga that will definitely leave you feeling breathless and working up a sweat.

        4.    You should be working out everyday?

No this is absolutely not true. Exercising puts a lot of stress on the body, your muscles have been torn down breaking the fibres, your body also needs time to repair those torn muscles, so having one to two days rest per week will not only help recovery but will help those torn muscles grow to bigger ones, which is the main outcome of weight training. So instead of working out everyday try a few days of gentle walking and stretching too.

         5.   Not feeling sore means you haven’t worked hard enough?

While muscle soreness is great it definitely does not mean you haven’t worked hard enough, if you didn’t end up sore, it just means that a significant amount was applied to the tissue. You can work up a sweat and not be sore the next day. Be sure to keep drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep.



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