Booty band workout

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What is a booty band? It’s probably the most inexpensive convenient pieces of equipment you can own!

They are a resistant band that vary from easy to extra hard depending on what level of fitness you are at, don’t be fooled by these simple but effective equipment, these bands can pack a punch and get the heart rate elivated.

There are tonnes of ways to use them. In a lot of exercises such as squats your quads tend to take over. This is where a resistant band becomes your best friend. Now the butt will be doing majority of the work.

Try this short warm up workout to activate your glutes. walks left to right. Place band of top half of thighs. Bend down into a half squat and walk sideways x 10 each way.

2. Lateral leg lifts. Place the band just above your ankles, lift right left out from the side of your body, lift leg as far up as you can. 10 on each leg.

3. Glute kicks. Same again place the band just above your ankles this lift your leg behind you, lift as far up as you can, do x 10 on each leg.

4. Squats. Place the band above your knees mid way on thighs. And do Deep squats. The lower you go the better the burn. Do x 10 

Repeat these four exercises four times. Your butt will be feeling it. 


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