Motivation v Discipline

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Motivation v discipline 


A lot of people can sometime wonder where I get my motivation from to exercise on a regular basis. Reality is I’m hardly motivated at all but I’ve trained for long enough now that it’s apart of my routine. Simply just as we brush our teeth everyday, I train everyday, we maybe not everyday, but I try to move my body everyday somehow.

Self discipline is also vital to over coming hard times in life such as eating disorders, smoking, drug abuse, drinking habits one I’ve struggled with in the past is depression. Depression is so terribly hard to over come, and many people don’t ever over come it. I found exercise to be a way out, a way to stop thinking, it made me feel good. This is when I had the most motivation, when I started working out as it was a way to get out of the house with the kids, to have me time. It was great seeing and talking to other mums while working out. From then it just became second nature I didn’t think much about not going I just got dressed and before I knew it I was at the gym. Remember it’s the motivation that gets you started is the determination that keeps you going to strive for a better you.


It’s never to late to start!


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