What are squat proof leggings?

Posted by Serena Treeby on

People are always asking us what is squat proof, why do I need squat proof.

Leggings are the love of every fit girls life, and finding the perfect squat proof legging is sometimes a challenge. Many woman are unaware of the term squat proof and why they need squat proof. It’s plain and simple, if you bend over ie squat even and we can see through them then they are not squat proof, and if you care then you need squat proof.

Squat proof leggings do more than make you look good with the rest of your Activewear. There may also be some performance benefits. If your leggings have compression qualities then that will help aid in endurance and muscle fatigue along with recovery. Look for leggings that offer support without restricting movement, and flat seams to avoid rubbing. Avoid buying leggings that have thin material, or are a loose fit, they will likely sag down during movement.

You can be assured that all our leggings allow for flexibility along with comfort and will also say squat proof in the description if they are!



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